Silver Series Welcome to Computer Basics, Windows 11 Edition


General Resources

General Resources
Welcome to Computer Basics prepares new users with a solid foundation in computer basics, file management, and more. We begin Unit 1 with a discussion of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including signing on, controlling app windows, multitasking, creating a Microsoft account, using the online Office apps, and emailing. In Unit 2 we move on to discussing key file management best practices. And in Unit 3, we get on the Internet to do some web searching!

Unit 1

Chapter 1: Getting Your First Look

Learning Resources


Chapter 2: Starting and Controlling Apps

Chapter 3: Creating an Online Account

Chapter 4: Working with Apps

Chapter 5: Using Email

Unit 2

Chapter 6: Finding Files

Chapter 7: Storing Files

Unit 3

Chapter 8: Using the Internet

Chapter 9: Researching on the Internet

Chapter 10: Using Settings and Help