Mastery Series BAF with MS Office 2021



General Resources
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Unit 1 - Overview

Overview Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Office and Using Common Features

Unit 2 - Word

Word Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Business Documents

Word Chapter 2: Creating a Resume in a Table

Word Chapter 3: Creating Reports

Word Chapter 4: Creating a Promotional Brochure

Word Chapter 5: Using Mail Merge

Unit 3 - Excel

Excel Chapter 1: Tracking Customer Data

Excel Chapter 2: Calculating Student Grades Using Formulas

Excel Chapter 3: Performing Calculations Using Function

Excel Chapter 4: Data Visualization and Images

Excel Chapter 5: Organizing Large Worksheets

Unit 4 - PowerPoint

PowerPoint Chapter 1: Creating and Delivering a Presentation

PowerPoint Chapter 2: Designing and Printing the Presentation

PowerPoint Chapter 3: Adding Graphics, Animation, and Sound

PowerPoint Chapter 4: Adding Multimedia to Presentations

Unit 5 - Access

Access Chapter 1: Getting Started with Tables

Access Chapter 2: Working with Forms

Access Chapter 3: Querying a Database

Access Chapter 4: Using Reports to Display Information

Unit 6 - Integration

Integration Chapter 1: Office: Designed for Integration