About Labyrinth Learning

About UsWe publish easy-to-use textbooks that empower educators to teach complex subjects quickly and effectively -- and enable students to gain confidence, develop practical skills, and compete in a demanding market.

Then we add extensive instructor support materials, automated assessment with eLab, and convenient customer service to create true learning solutions for instructor-led, self-paced and online courses in community colleges, corporate training, continuing and community education, career and technical education, and high schools.

Our Mission

Relentlessly pursue quality innovations that improve student outcomes and significantly lower the cost of education so all types of learners can improve their lives

What else makes us unique? Our values.

  • Empathy. We understand the challenges you face. We strive to make education easier for everyone, regardless of the complexity of the material or the skill level of the student. This is why we offer materials that are student friendly and educator empowering.
  • Ease of use. Our unique instructional design ensures concepts are clearly explained, reference steps are available, and skills are developed through a progression of carefully constructed hands-on exercises that maximize learner success.
  • Value. We combine competitive pricing with superior quality and responsive service, so instructors and learners get the best possible value. We also offer a one-year return policy for maximum convenience.
  • Community. We are dedicated to helping students transform their lives through education. We work hard to build a community that includes educators and learners from all walks of life, and we welcome your contributions to our solutions.
  • Passion. We are driven by a passion to help students succeed. We are absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to help teachers and learners tackle any subject more easily, more quickly, and more effectively.
  • Affordability. We strive to keep operating costs low and price our learning solutions to maximize their availability to the teachers and learners who need them most.
  • Innovation. Printed textbooks are only one part of the learning experience. We take every opportunity to use the latest technology to enhance our solutions.
  • Agility. We are a fast-moving company that anticipates what educators and learners need, reacts quickly to changing dynamics, and develops new solutions accordingly.